Friday, June 18, 2010


This week I have spent lots of time at the museums, specifically the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, and Transport Museum. The National Portrait Gallery was the best of the three. By walking through (over the afternoons of three days), I saw the history of England play out while the development of Western art was displayed. The National Gallery was fun, as they had lots of Rubens and Turner. It was amazing to see the paintings on the walls that have been in my art history textbooks. As far as the Transport Museum, it was fun to see the history of the tube system, but I really wanted to see a scale model of the tube doesn't exist yet.

In other news:
*Lots of World Cup!
*I practiced at the Hyde Park chapel today, will again tomorrow and on Monday.
*I'm headed to Westminster Abbey on Sunday to sit in the organ loft during Evensong and will join the choristers afterwards for food. The organist was recently a student at Cambridge, so good things will happen with that, hopefully.
*Stonehenge and the Summer Solstice happens on Monday morning. I will be there.
*Still no recently updated photos online.

...more to come as more happens!

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