Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Afternoon Matinee?

Once again, we had an interesting day. I don’t know if there is any other option here in London!

The day started fairly normally and followed the basic schedule. I enjoyed Brother Wimmer’s discussion on the judiciary. Also, the rehearsal we had for Oxford went well. The Magnificat isn’t perfect, but we figured a lot of things out today. I feel much more prepared now.

After rehearsing, Jake and I rushed home to meet up with Phillip. We headed to the tube and rode down to see a show. The first on our list was Wicked and we were able to get AMAZING seats at student prices (£25). The timing just worked SO perfectly! We got to the theatre at about 2:05 and purchased our tickets by 2:10. We walked into the theatre and had the perfect amount of time to settle ourselves before the show started. The acting was great, and I liked being so close this time. It was hard for us to believe how close we were to the stage, considering our time frame and seat price. After all, we were in row N of the stalls (orchestra)!

When we got out of the show, we joked about seeing another one, but our jokes turned into serious discussion! We called up Emily to find out what was going on with them. We decided to meet up for dinner and figure things out. We met and found a pub, after multiple attempts, and had a delicious dinner. Nathan, Monica, and Emily joined us for dinner, as Steve had to run off.

After dinner, Phil, Jake, and I left to attend Phantom of the Opera. Everyone else had things to do. We flew through tube stations and the streets to get there in time. We got there, only to find out they don’t offer student concessions! That was no good. So we ran two blocks to see if Les Mis was an option. We got there, purchased our tickets, and then walked into the hall as the opening announcements were given. Wow! Too bad the actual performance left much to be desired… The ensemble sound was full and great, but the leads were not strong enough singers to carry the roles

Tomorrow should be a good day. And I’m really looking forward to the ferry ride on the Thames. Life is just full of adventures!

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